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Originally Posted by smrund. It becomes an issue of rights because that's what people make it, those comments above are not about anything but those people's prejudices The game is better for it, just because of their obviously limited resources.

I hope you feel good about yourself. Indian lesbian girls sex videos. The strong negative reactions here should not be put down purely to homophobia, some people just don't desire the features for personal non-prejudice reasons. Swtor lesbian romance. The other argument raised that its a waste of developmental time or whatever because MMO players don't care I don't think stands again because of already making relationships a fairly major part of each characters storyline.

I have just never cared about nosing into peoples personal lives. If you can't see how it's intolerant to draw a line in the sand about something because it merely "exists", then I'm not sure what to tell you. Right herefriend. BioWare's problem is clear. Makeb itself is just a genderless, oblate spheroid of rock surrounding a sexy molten iron core, shuffled away in some dark corner of a far away galaxy. Bookmarked by slugvile 18 Jun Bookmarker's Tags: What better way to celebrate her return than a little body worship from her commander?

Originally Posted by Masark. Nude pinay hot. This guide will inform you of how to keep your Joiner safe, healthy and happy. If I am not in that bedroom then it is none of my business. Also while I'm here SGR is basically the most awful term ever, hiding this issue behind an acronym is terrible and allows people to get away with saying offensive and ultimately, a lot of the time, homophobic things.

These aren't class plotlines of course, but there's something. For example the article states "oblivious straight men who not only believe that homosexuality doesn't exist in the Star Wars universe, but that same-sex relationships exist only between women and only for their own voyeuristic benefit.

She walked a fine line between her duty to the Empire in the shape of her detestable master and the honor of her family and its Shadows The only explanation I see is that the writer decided to conclude all this on the basis that as a lesbian example was choosen, then lesbian sex shows must be that the the commentators a de facto straight male sees the purpose of SGR in SWTOR.

But he doesnt seem to have an issue with whats currently in the game. Ishtaa, a young Sith on the rise, seeks to avenger her parents' deaths at the hands of the Jedi. After finally being able to reconnect, they discover that the youngest is missing, officially declared as dead.

Traugar Member Uncommon Posts: Add user to Ignore List after reporting. You support gay marriage? Bookmarked by stellacadente 28 Apr Bookmarker's Tags: It seems strange to be giving a company credit for making a pay-to-gay planet, an ostracised world of same-gender romance, but to be fair to SW: The upcoming RNG is bad? LGBT characters covered all four Empire classes. Freedan12 Freedan12 6 years ago 18 HolyKnight posted I was pretty suprised at someone that had fought his entire life to be "free" from this vision that love is always between a man and a woman that he would feel like this.

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In some of those games your choices also affect the game world around you, as other NPC reactions to your sexuality become part of your personal story.

Sign In Don't have an account? So I asked my brother and his "husband" since there is no same sex marriage in our state how they felt about this when they started playing. Hardcore lesbian gangbang porn. Explore Wikis Community Central. HolyKnight There's no good romance options in the game, period. I don't think romancable NPC relationships belong in games either. Swtor lesbian romance. Star Wars is a family based story with nothing to do with SGR.

I hope you feel good about yourself. Forgive me incredibly shit memory regarding this, but I believe they patched this in at a later date. A Sith Lord with an attitude. Further more the fact that ' As a subscriber, I'm asking all of you to change your mind.

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Rise of the Fallen. Antonio cupo naked. Congratulations, you have successfully hijacked a cause in order to get page views. So they added same sex romance in Makeb I want guy on guy Dealing with betrayal and loss, an unknowing, innocent Ivo'ress begs to become Envy's apprentice. What a horrible cognitive dissonance is occuring when a individual can't even state he does NOT have an interest in lesbian voyeurism without being criticised for it.

Nothing non-pg even happens in the romance options but it does lead to other character quest lines. Robokapp Member Rare Posts: It's even Samus from Metroid taking off her armour, relying for her shock value on the assumption that the person watching is male.

Remaining staunchly independent from the Republic, Makeb began to attract economic leaders, banking corporations, and wealthy tourists, leading to the rise in number of luxury resorts across the planet.

Originally posted by NorseGod Originally posted by strangiato Originally posted by superniceguy I thought this idea was scrapped? Straight relationships are already there so I don't see why LGB relationships can't be to. You know actually I think in many ways I agree with bobthecoolkid, the main crux of this I think is that straight relationships are in this game, for every character so there is no reason for gay relationships not to be there.

It's simply part of who he is. You could say all relationships are bad, but you just can not say one is bad and the other is not, it just doesnt make any rational sense. Right herefriend. Originally posted by Traugar Originally posted by Paradigm68 Originally posted by Traugar Originally posted by Paradigm68 Originally posted by Traugar Originally posted by NorseGod Originally posted by Traugar Originally posted by Slapshot EA needs to stop wasting energy on stuff like this until they figure out how to actually fix their game.

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